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Lauren Marsicano is the creator of the Networking Maverick where she helps entrepreneurs build connections and bring their big ideas to life. Her mission is to engage entrepreneurs from around the world to educate them on how to make authentic connections. Applying her extensive knowledge in networking and business law, Lauren created Networking Maverick to empower entrepreneurs with resources that take the guesswork out of launching and building an empire.

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Want to be featured as one of our #NetworkingMavens and gain valuable exposure to the Networking Maverick community? Let me know who you are and what makes you a Networking Maven by filling out the form on this page. A possible feature could include a blog post highlighting you and your business (or businesses!), a video interview with me to release on my YouTube channel (if you’re in the South Florida area), or an in-depth podcast collaboration. Any of these features would also be promoted on my various social media platforms to provide the most value to the Networking Maverick community.

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